4 Things You Should Do To Help Your Tinnitus

How to use masking sounds to cope with your tinnitus
17th August 2017

Tinnitus can affect anyone. And living with it isn’t easy.

Although there isn’t a cure just yet, there are a few things you can try to make things a lot more bearable.


1. Avoid loud noises

Loud noises are one of the most common triggers for tinnitus. So, try and avoid them as much as you can. Obviously, this is easier said than done, but you can still be mindful about what places to stay away from. And if you can’t, prepare for it.


2. Try acoustic therapy

Listening to calming background music or sounds can help to block out the noise in your ears. Masking sounds like white, brown or pink noise can all help to get that bit of quiet you’re after.

There are a few great apps out there that have libraries of masking sounds, so you can listen easily and on the go.


3. Learn your triggers and adapt to them

As with most things in life, tinnitus affects different people in different ways. So, figuring out what your triggers are is key. Try noting down whenever your symptoms get worse and what you were doing around that time. This way you can start to connect the dots and learn what to avoid.


4. Talk to others

It’s hard suffering on your own. Try talking to others who also suffer from tinnitus. Get the support you need from the people who understand. Share tips and learn what new ways of coping.

There are lots of support groups out there, both on the internet and face to face. Do your research and find out what’s best for you.  


Above all, it’s important to experiment with what works for you. Different things will work better for some people than it will for others. So, keep trying until you find your peace.

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