5 totally normal feelings to have as a tinnitus sufferer

3 Common Myths About Tinnitus
9th January 2018

When you first experience tinnitus it can be scary. You’re hearing things no one else can and the noise can hurt both physically and mentally.

You’re not alone.

Here are 5 completely normal things to feel if you’re suffering from tinnitus…


1. You start to doubt whether you can really hear those noises

Because the sounds you’re hearing aren’t out in the open, it’s completely understandable if you feel like no one will believe you. You might even start to question whether you’re imagining it. Just remember the pain you’re experiencing is very real and you should never suffer alone.


2. Why me?

If you’re feeling like what did you do to deserve this, remember, tinnitus can affect anyone. Blaming yourself isn’t going to help and it won’t make you feel much better. Try talking about it with your friends and family. It might take a load off your shoulders.


3. You feel exhausted

You can’t concentrate, you’re tired and you feel drained. Living with tinnitus can be exhausting. So don’t be hard on yourself if you find your day-to-day tasks now require huge amounts of energy. It’s all about learning to adjust to living with your symptoms.


4. You feel completely alone

It’s easy to feel isolated when you suffer from tinnitus. For that reason, depression, stress and anxiety are incredibly common among sufferers. Try talking to your doctor to get some extra help with looking after your mental health. The NHS also has lots of great information if you want to learn more.


5. You feel like you’re going a bit crazy

When your mind is completely consumed with the noise in your head, there’s not much room for anything else in there. So don’t panic if you feel like you’re losing your mind a little. Try using soft music or masking sounds to tune out the tinnitus and get the head space you’re after.


So if you ever feel like your thoughts aren’t normal, just try to remember that lots of other tinnitus sufferers feel exactly the same as you.

For a bit of extra help, learn more about tinnitus support groups near you.

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