Avoid these 5 common triggers if you’re a tinnitus sufferer

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17th August 2017
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If you suffer from tinnitus, you’ll know that it can get a lot worse with different things. Of course, everyone will have their own triggers, but if you haven’t figured yours out yet, here’s some of the most common.


1. Alcohol

Those weekend drinks sure are tempting, but alcohol can be a real trigger for tinnitus. If you can’t bear to cut it out completely, try significantly limiting your intake to one drink a week.


2. Caffeine

We hate to say it, but your morning coffee might be making your tinnitus worse. Although we don’t really know why this is, caffeine is a big trigger for a lot of tinnitus sufferers.


3. Nicotine

Nicotine is another trigger that many people have said makes their tinnitus worse. Although giving up smoking is hard, it could seriously relieve your symptoms. The NHS has lots of advice and support to help you kick the habit.  


4. Medication

Some types of medication including antibiotics and painkillers can aggravate your tinnitus further. So it’s worth speaking to your GP if you find a certain type of medication seems to be making your symptoms worse.


Of course, your tinnitus might not be triggered by all of these things. So pay attention to how they make you feel and try cutting them out completely to see if it makes a difference.

As tinnitus is a symptom and not a disease, generally speaking, the better your overall health is, the more likely your tinnitus will subside. So stick to a healthy diet and look after yourself.

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