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10th May 2018

5 totally normal feelings to have as a tinnitus sufferer

When you first experience tinnitus it can be scary. You’re hearing things no one else can and the noise can hurt both physically and mentally. You’re […]
9th January 2018

3 Common Myths About Tinnitus

For many years, tinnitus has been a great mystery. It was brushed aside from those who hadn’t suffered from T as something that was just “in […]
15th November 2017

Tinnitus: Everything You Need To Know

Most of us have experienced that irritating humming in our ears when tucked up in bed after a concert. However, for some people, the humming never […]
16th August 2017

10 celebs you wouldn’t know suffered from tinnitus

It doesn’t matter who you are, tinnitus can affect anyone. Even celebrities! 1. Will.I.Am Will.I.Am suffers from constant ringing in his ears due to his tinnitus. […]