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Tinnitus and Habituation
1st June 2018
Mindfulness stacked rocks

If there is anything that Tinnitus has taught me, it is to accept my failings, love myself more and to be more sympathetic to my own needs. Tinnitus was a stranger that I fought against for many years. It was a nasty intruder that took my life from me and I didn’t know how to cope. It came upon me so suddenly, I had no experience of this stranger and it was a traumatic neighbour in my head.

I now understand that to be “Mindset”. Having the right attitude to cope with new situations and continuing along a path of learning and managing my condition on a daily basis improves my coping strategy. I have only just been able to cope – having Tinnitus for 20+ years, it is only in the last 18 months I have come to accept my new “friend” and in doing so I am not frightened, stressed or scared of the noise. My mind is stronger, because I choose to be strong. Nobody can be strong for you in managing this condition – we are all on our own path.

If I have learnt anything it is to live “In The Moment”. People call this Mindfulness. To live for today – even the hour the minute – is more fulfilling than worrying about the future or feeling sad about the past. We cannot control either. What we can do is to accept ourselves for this moment and enjoy it. Simple pleasures bring new meaning- coffee with a good friend, shopping with my daughter, enjoying a joke with hubby. Simple daily pleasures that when focused upon make us realise that it is in the time spent with others, we are at our most happy. It is in this time that you could almost liken it to transcending the here and now.

To listen to your own heartbeat is a wonderful thing that makes us connect with ourselves. It reminds us of our own fragility, but also how strong we really are. To go deep inside, for just a moment is a form of meditation – it is a time to reconnect. Being at one with yourself is a gift. To accept yourself and know who you really are – being able to relax deep into your own mind and make it switch off to the noise of the day. That is true Meditation. It doesn’t require a darkened room, with incense and soft music. Meditation can be done in the car, on the bus and walking in the park. Being at one with yourself and truly accepting who you are – that is Meditation.

All of the above, has helped me grow as a person on my Tinnitus journey. There are many ways down the same path – I know this has helped me get to where I am today and I live a much better life because of it.

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