Tinnitus and Habituation

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11th September 2017
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22nd March 2019

When I first heard these two words together, I thought whoever had coined such a phrase was certainly mad. There was no way that I was going to “habituate” to a condition that took over my life 24/7/365. How could that even be remotely possible.  I had lived with my Tinnitus for 18 years;  if I was going to “habituate” to the noise, surely it would have happened by now?.

Strangely enough, it was when I started to enjoy life and pick up hobbies that I had forgotten, to meet up regularly with friends and family that I realised I didn’t have “time” to think about my Tinnitus. After a few busy weeks, it seemed more like a mere hindrance than a constant affliction. My new hearing aid certainly helped …..but the day I had forgotten to put it in and arrived at work with the noise screaming in my head, made me realise that I had to get through the day come what may. This was a turning point. My focus had to be on the job at hand, my energies focused on the next deadline and slowly the noise faded and the work got done.

It was only when I was getting ready for bed that same evening, and went to remove my hearing aid that I realised I had managed to get through the day without it – and the noise hadn’t been that bad. At times, I had not noticed it at all……..was this habituation?

I still have my bad days… I still wear my hearing aid….I still use my Aurio app…..but I know that I can cope…..and that gives me the added mental strength to get through the day ….one day at a time..


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