Welcome to peace

Aurio is designed to provide a peaceful spectrum of sound to an otherwise chaotic world.

Designed for conditions such as Tinnitus, Aurio provides a toolbox to help you enjoy your existing music. Create calming environments or enhance your daily routines.

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Your music but better

You can play your existing portable music library with Soundscape, and it will re-balance the output to give you a more pleasant experience.


Carefully balanced sound

We've tested Soundscape in the real world to ensure that the output is well balanced and soothing for everyday use.


Not just on headphones

Use Bluetooth speakers, such as AirPlay? Soundscape support several standard protocols to enable you to put down the headphones and just enjoy.

Sounds great on any device

Aurio is out now for iOS for iPhone and iPad. It will be built soon for Android, utilising each devices inbuilt audio capabilities, including AirPlay and iTunes.

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